Life After College

Start your post- graduate preparation several months in advance. What are your options? Prepare to make your decisions: When graduation time is approaching, you need to have a plan of action ready to implement, with a backup plan in case things don’t turn out the way you expected.

• Find a Job: First of all, the new graduate needs to decide on exactly what he/she wants to do, in terms of career plans. For most students, finding a job will be your top priority. You need to start interviewing as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Don’t wait until after graduation to begin your job search. Start looking a few months before graduation, and be sure to utilize your university recruitment center. You can get tips on writing your resume, assistance in finding a job, and access countless employment resources. You pay for this service as part of your tuition, so take advantage of it
• Graduate School: Do you want to go directly to graduate school? If you feel the calling for graduate school, then you need to start applying quickly- before you graduate. You also need to take the necessary tests (LSAT, GMAT, GRE, etc.) as soon as you can.
• Where do You Want to Live?
• Other Financial Considerations:
            • Payments on student loans usually begin 6 months after you graduate. Going to grad school defers them for a few more years.
            • Final Thoughts: Don’t procrastinate until the last minute. Start making your post-graduation plans as soon as you can. It’s always better   
               to be prepared.