Paying for College

Don’t overestimate the cost of college or believe that all schools are expensive. Although some colleges are very expensive, costs vary from institution to institution. In addition, the availability of financial aid – money available from various sources to help students pay for college – can make an expensive college affordable for a qualified student.

• Possible College Costs for Public and Private institutions:
            • Tuition, Fees, Room and Board, Transportation, Other Expenses
• Ways to afford college:
            • Savings
            • Financial Aid may be awarded based on merit and/or need.
• Some sources of financial aid are:
            • Grants and Scholarships
            • Loans
            • Work-Study Programs
• Search and apply for several scholarship opportunities to help defer some of the costs of your college education

Federal Website: A great website to obtain detailed federal aid information is:

State Websites: Cal Grant ( and Middle Class Scholarship Act (


There is no “secret” scholarship money out there. Free sources of information include:

• High school counselors
• Library’s reference section
• Foundations, local businesses
• Organizations (professional or related to your field of interest)